International Society for Disease Surveillance

2006-2007 Membership Information

The International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS) is dedicated to the improvement of population health by advancing the field of disease surveillance. The Society convenes the annual Syndromic Surveillance Conferences, maintains the website, and has launched a new online journal,Advances in Disease Surveillance*.

Membership in the International Society for Disease Surveillance is open to epidemiologists, informaticists, public health practitioners, health care providers, statisticians, and others who are interested in exploring and addressing population health monitoring across institutional and professional boundaries.

The benefits of ISDS membership include:

  • Free CD-ROM of all 2006 Syndromic Surveillance Conference presentations with synchronized audio.
  • Discounted registration at upcoming Syndromic Surveillance Conferences.
  • Discounted publication fees in the Society’s electronic journal,Advances in Disease Surveillance*.
  • Access to a Members Only section of the Society’s official website,
  • Opportunity to participate in the committees that help fulfill the Society’s mission and purpose including: conference, website, education and training, external partners, journal, sponsored activities, research, and public health practice.
  • Voting rights to nominate and elect the Society’s Board of Directors
  • Attendance at the Society’s Annual Meeting, held during the Syndromic Surveillance Conference.

Dues and Other Information:

  • Membership is open to individuals only. Institutional or corporate memberships are not available at this time.
  • Membership periods are one year, from one annual Syndromic Surveillance Conference to the next. Individual dues of $100 currently provide benefits of membership until the next annual Syndromic Surveillance Conference, fall 2007 in Indianapolis.
  • Membership is activated after payment is received and the member has supplied the necessary demographic information.
  • Members must agree to receive Society notifications via e-mail.
  • A special discounted membership rate of $25 is available for full-time students.
  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • For attendees at the 2006 Syndromic Surveillance Conference, October 19-20, 2006, in Baltimore, their registration fees covered their dues in the Society through October 2007. To check your membership status, write to [email protected]; include your name and email address.

*Advances in Disease Surveillance is an open-access electronic journal published by the Society through Scholarly Exchange. Publication fees may be required in some cases.

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