Registry Project

Develop a registry of existing syndromic surveillance systems in the United States.  At a minimum, syndromic surveillance systems operated by state and local health departments will be a part of this census. This project will build on work that others have already done and will depend on efforts to minimize the reporting burden on health departments. Anticipated uses of the census include: 1) assisting CDC to identify ways that BioSense could interact with existing SS systems that have been developed by state and local health depts., 2) assisting in the identification of surveillance resources that could be marshaled in the event of a natural or other disaster, 3) assisting in the development of the CDC-funded ISDS “proof of concept” project to harvest existing SS data and to test the utility of this approach for seasonal and potential pandemic influenza surveillance, 4) assisting health department staff in identifying colleagues in comparable states or localities who have systems that may be of interest and who may be useful resources in deciding whether and how to approach SS/biosurveillance development.