Stakeholder Comments made on ISDS Meaningful Use Report | International Society for Disease Surveillance


In December 2010, ISDS released Final Recommendation:  Core Processes and EHR Requirements for Public Health Syndromic Surveillance (PHSS), which was based on the ISDS Meaningful Use Workgroup’s recommendations.  The report describes core PHSS business processes, inputs and critical task sets, and a specified subset of 32 core EHR data elements and requiremtns to guide information system and data exchange solution design.

MUse stakeholders were asked to provide comments to help ensure that the Final Recommendation released accurately reflected current public health practice and filfilled requisite Stage 1 MUse business needs.  ISDS received 41 comments during the two-week comment period (Figure 1).  Many of the comments were incorporated into the Final Recommendation report released on January 31, 2011.  However, a significant number of stakeholder ideas addressed issues beyond the project and time constraints of the Final Recommendation report.

Download the summarized comments and responses made by ISDS staff on behalf of the ISDS Meaningful Use Working Group here.