Technical Conventions – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Facilitate and expedite the development, evaluation, and implementation of technical methods for public health surveillance byisdstechconventions_image_26feb2013-8202735

  • Collecting, classifying, posting use cases (problem descriptions, requests for assistance) from public health professionals.
  • Discussing use cases as needed in open forums to derive well-defined technical problems of practical interest.
  • Obtaining or deriving benchmark datasets corresponding to use case problems.
  • Documenting problems in template form as with available benchmark datasets.
  • Disseminating completed use case templates to the community of solution developers.
  • Validating submitted solution methods based on results submitted by developer (is it understandable, does it do what it says, etc).
  • Disseminating solution methods to user community and assisting with documentation.

*Image: Draft Committee process. Developed by Jeff Johnson, Senior Epidemiologist, San Diego County Health Department, for a presentation at the 2012 ISDS Conference as a part of the ISDS-Based Initiative Panel.