Building your Dream Surveillance Information System – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time: 10am – 11am EDT


Angus Cameron, BVSc, MVS, PhD

Director, Broad Street Consultants (epidemiology consulting for humans)

Director, AusVet Animal Health Services (epidemiology consulting for other animals)

Angus is an epidemiologist specializing in surveillance and information systems. He has worked across a wide range of species in more than 50 developed and developing countries. 


Epidemiologists are often frustrated by the lack of timely, accurate, and comprehensive surveillance data. This webinar describes the results of three years of research into a new approach to surveillance information collection, management, and use. A multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, social scientists, and information technology experts has developed a philosophy and information mangement platform that has successfully created a system that most have only dreamed about – real-time, accurate, comprehensive surveillance data at your fingertips – at a remarkably affordable price. At the core of the philosophy is a simple but challenging idea: the purpose of the system is not to extract data from those that generate it and deliver it to top-level analysts and decision-makers. Instead, the system provides a service to data generators to help them improve the management and use of the data they need in their everyday tasks. The data used at the central level is a by-product of local use of the system. The presentation will explain the approach and provide an example of how it has been able to revolutionize surveillance in an extrememly challenging environment.