Global Outreach Committee – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Committee Co-Chairs: 
Vivek Singh, MPH, MBBS (India)
Victor J. Del Rio Vilas, PhD, MSc, MBA, DVM (Brazil)

Board Liaison: Scott McNabb, PhD, MS (US)

Staff Liaison:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Global Outreach Committee aims to build a global network of people working in disease surveillance. It will provide a forum for promoting international collaboration and support for disease surveillance in both developed and resource-poor settings.


  • Facilitate knowledge sharing of global initiatives, policies and challenges in the disease surveillance arena
  • Provide advice and support to individuals and charities working on disease surveillance issues
  • Develop and disseminate the International Health Regulations webinar series to provide a learning opportunity to better understand the IHR requirements and data elements required by the World Health Organization 

Focus on Global Engagement

The Global Outreach Committee is working to expand our partnerships with other international organizations. If you know of someone who may be interested in ISDS’s work please let us know. We have prepared an introductory powerpoint explaining ISDS’s mission and project interests, which can be accessed here. We are happy to arrange a live presentation to introduce ourselves as well.

To see ISDS’s current global reach, view this Membership Update  (February 2015).

ISDS in India at BioAsia 2015

Mission Statement

Syndromic surveillance is a relatively inexpensive public health tool useful in both developed and resource poor settings. The Global Outreach committee aims to build a strong global network of people working in syndromic and advanced disease surveillance. The committee’s members will provide advice, education and resources about syndromic surveillance to interested parties outside of the US. This committee will aim initially to establish an international list of experts in advanced disease surveillance and increase awareness of its activities though a newsletter. In the longer term it aims to host meetings and pursue collaboration with international projects. The Global Outreach committee will also provide a link between the international syndromic surveillance community and the ISDS. An important objective will be to increase international participation at the ISDS annual conference.

(In Chinese)


疾病症状监测是公共卫生领域里成本较低的监测工具,对发达国家和发展中的国家均可以适用。疾病监测全球推广委员会的目标是建立一个全球的推广疾病症状监测和疾病监测的网络。委员会的委员们将对在美国之外的、对疾病症状监测和疾病监测感兴趣的机构提供建议、教育和信息资源。委员会的初期目标是建立一个疾病监测的国际专家网,以电子通讯的方式及时交换信息。它的长期目标是组织国际会议和建立国际合作项目。委员会将促进国际疾病症状监测的推广和国际疾病监测协会(ISDS) 的活动。  目前,它的一个重要的目标是促进更多的国家代表参加 国际疾病监测协会的年会。

(In Spanish)

La vigilancia sindrómica, dentro de la salud pública, es una herramienta relativamente asequible de utilidad tanto en entornos pobres como desarrollados. El comité de Relaciones Globales tiene como objetivo desarrollar una red global de contactos con interés en vigilancia epidemiológica avanzada y vigilancia sindrómica. Los miembros del comité proporcionarán consejo, formación y apoyo a todas aquellas partes interesadas en vigilancia sindrómica fuera de los Estados Unidos de América. El primer objetivo del comité será la creación de una lista internacional de expertos en vigilancia epidemiológica así como incrementar el conocimiento de sus actividades a través de un boletín periódico. A largo plazo, el comité tiene como objetivo la organización de reuniones y la colaboración en proyectos internacionales. El comité de Relaciones Globales también facilitará la relación entre la comunidad internacional de vigilancia sindrómica y la ISDS. Un objetivo primordial será incrementar la participación internacional en las conferencias anuales de la ISDS.

(In French)

La surveillance syndromique est un outil de santé publique relativement peu coûteux pour les pays développés mais également pour les pays à faibles ressources. Le but du Comité Global de Mutualisation est de construire un fort réseau global de personnes travaillant dans le domaine de la surveillance syndromique. Les membres du comité fourniront des avis, des formations et des moyens relatifs à la surveillance syndromique aux parties intéressées en dehors des Etats-Unis d’Amérique. Le comité essaiera dans un premier temps d’établir une liste d’experts internationaux dans ce domaine et de faire partager ses activités dans une lettre d’information. A plus long terme, le comité organisera des réunions afin d’établir des collaborations autour de projets internationaux. Le Comité Global de Mutualisation fournira aussi un lien entre la communauté internationale de la surveillance syndromique et l’International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS). Un objectif important sera d’augmenter la participation internationale à la conférence annuelle de l’ISDS.