Technical Conventions Committee – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Chair: Howard Burkom, PhD, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Board Liaison: Amy Ising, MS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

TCC Mission

The purpose of the ISDS Technical Conventions Committee is to facilitate and expedite the development, evaluation, and implementation of technical methods for public health surveillance by:

  • Collecting, classifying, posting use cases (problem descriptions, requests for assistance) from public health professionals.
  • Discussing use cases as needed in open forums to derive well-defined technical problems of practical interest.
  • Obtaining or deriving benchmark datasets corresponding to use case problems.
  • Documenting problems in template form as with available benchmark datasets.
  • Disseminating completed use case templates to the community of solution developers.
  • Validating submitted solution methods based on results submitted by developer (is it understandable, does it do what it says, etc).
  • Disseminating solution methods to user community and assisting with documentation.

*Image: TCC Committee process. Developed by Jeff Johnson, Senior Epidemiologist, San Diego County Health Department, for a presentation at the 2012 ISDS Conference as a part of the ISDS-Based Initiative Panel.

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Presentation on TCC

Public Health Informatics Virtual Event 2014 presentation: Bridging the Gap Between Public Health Professionals and Technical Developers (requires creating log-in/logging in to CDC’s virtual platform)

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