The 2007 conference built on prior conference themes by exploring innovative and non-traditional approaches to using syndromic surveillance data (e.g., non-infectious, environmental, chronic disease, health promotion).

The conference featured plenary sessions and concurrent interactive tracks on five topics.

Conference Track Sessions

Conference Program Committee

Track titles

  1. Novel Applications: the innovative, non-traditional use of tools or data of public health surveillance in other areas, i.e.:
    • Health status of livestock populations
    • Longitudinal epidemiologic studies
    • Media reports or search words
    • Collecting health-related data; leveraging real-time surveillance to support clinical decision support systems
  2. Automated Data Acquisition and Processing: the process of data gathering, organizing, and processing from data feed to signal
  3. Analytical Methods: tools for analyzing and interpreting data to assess the state of public health
  4. Public Health Practice: the use of data and analysis to protect public health and animal health.
  5. Evaluation and Performance: the assessment of data, analysis tools, systems, and public health practice

2007 ISDS Annual Conference Program Committee

Organizing Chair
Shaun Grannis, Regenstrief Institute

Program Chair
Ken Kleinman, Harvard Medical School

Program Committee Members

Judy Akkina, APHIS/USDA Ctr. for Emerging Issues

Steve Babin, Johns Hopkins APL

John Brownstein, Harvard/Childrens’ Hospital

Wendy Chapman, Pittsburgh

HC Chen, Bio Portal

Jean-Paul Chretien, Walter Reed Army Institute for Research

Cathy Clayton, EPA

Duncan Cooper, Health Protection Agency, UK

David Ebert, Purdue University

Irene Eckstrand, NIH, MIDAS Group

Seth Foldy, Milwaukee Public Health

Joe Gibson, Marion County Health Dept.

Nicola Marsden-Haug, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept.

Kieran Moore, Queen’s University

Erin Murray, NYCDOHMH

David Muscatello, New South Wales Department of Health

Daniel Neill, Carnegie Mellon University

Marc Overhage, Regenstrief Institute

Marc Paladini, ISDS

Christen Reid, University of Pittsburgh

Robert Rolfs, CSTE State of Utah

William Saville, Ohio State University

Karl Soetebier, Georgia Dept. of Health

Amy Sonricker, ISDS

Jim Talbot, Capital Health Authority of Alberta

Mike Wade, Indiana State Dept. Health

Kees van den ‘Wijngaard, Ctr. for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Natl. Inst. of Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, The Netherlands