Results from the Biosurveillance Technical Opportunity Prioritization Survey – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Friday, December 13, 2013; 1:10 – 1:30pm


Grand Couteau


Victor Del Rio Vilas, Pan American Health Organization

Abstract Summary

To understand and set priorities for research and best practices in public health monitoring, a sub-group of ISDS has developed an online survey to gather input from the ISDS community on the current landscape and prioritization of select technical issues in the field of biosurveillance. Through analysis, the Survey will identify respondents’ perceptions of opportunities in the area of analytical methodologies. Results, both frequencies of responses and prioritization, for all respondents and by strata depending on demographic variables, will be available during the presentation.

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Abstract Citation

Online Journal of Public Health Informatics. 2014; 6(1). 

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