Sponsored Activities Committee

Board Representatives: David Buckeridge, MD, PhD; Lori Hutwagner, MS

This committee is responsible for reviewing and approving requests to extramural funding agencies (e.g., NIH, CDC, foundations) on behalf of the Society. Applications must be brought to the committee by a Society member who is a principal investigator or co-applicant on the proposal. The committee will consider applications where: (1) the Society will provide support in principle to the proposed activity but will not administer funds, or (2) the Society will administer the funds. The committee is not responsible for overseeing the proposed work in the event that the application is successful; that responsibility rests with the principal investigator. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that the proposed work is likely to further the aims of the Society. The Board of the Society will appoint members to the committee, which will meet as required.

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