Concurrent Session 3 – International Society for Disease Surveillance


Use Case Panel

Lightning Talks: Session 2

Application of an Automated Surveillance System to Evaluate Outpatient Care of Pneumonia

Preparing Disease Surveillance Systems for ICD10

Impact of Patient Self-Registration in EDs on Syndromic Surveillance Data

The French Emergency Department OSCOUR network: evaluation after 10 year existance

Using Syndromic Surveillance Data to describe chronic high frequency ED utilization

Using a Syndromic Surveillance System to Evaluate Impact of a Change in Alcohol Law

Unintentional Drug Overdoses in Virginia: Analysis of Syndromic and Death Data

Tracking HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis using Syndromic Surveillance in NYC Emergency Departments

Enhanced Monitoring of Antiretroviral Resistance in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

Design and Implementation of an ED Based Rapid HIV Screening Program

Potential Efficacy of Pregnancy Status on HIV Laboratory Reports

Automated Collection of Electronic Health Record Healthy Weight Data for Surveillance

Supplementing Obesity-Related Surveillance with Persistent Health Assessment Tools

Surveillance Policy

Developing a Guidance Document to Improve Public Health Surveillance duing Disasters

Unplanned School Closures in the United States: evaluation of economic and social costs and consequences for students’ families

Advancing Epidemic Prediction and Forecasting: A New US Government

Keeping Public Health Surveillance Practice up to Speed: A Training Strategy to Build Capacity

Surveillance for Respiratory and ILI Syndromes

Ratio of Excess ED ILI Visits to Seroprevalence Influenza A/H1N1 Infection, FL, 2009

An Ecological Analysis of the Impact of Temperature Inversion on Emergency Department Visits for Respiratory Syndromes and Subsyndromes using BioSense 2.0 Fronted Data

Non-Infectious Disease Surveillance

Using Ambulatory Syndromic Surveillance Data for Chronic Disease A BMI Case Study

Developing a National Database of Radon Test Data in Collaboration with EPA- a Pilot Project to Ascertain Feasibility