Concurrent Session 1 – International Society for Disease Surveillance


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Animal Surveillance

Spatial Analysis when the location of infection is uncertain: An innovative Approach Using Animal-Herd-Level Weighted Analysis

Establishing a Plan of Action Implementing Integrated Disease Surveillance in Sudan

Vetsyn: Veterinary Syndromic Surveillance Streamlined into One R Package

Surveillance to Manage Disease on Canadian Swine Farms

Social Media and Laboratory Based Surveillance 

Real-time Laboratory based influenza surveillance with Xpert Flu

Wikipedia Usage Estimates Prevalence of Influenza-like Illness in Near Real-Time

Metagenomic Profiling and Identification of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes from Airborne Microbial Communities

ChatterGrabber: A Lightweight Easy to Use Social Media Surveillance Toolkit

Suveillance for Health Care Utilization

Using Hospital ED Data it identify Mental Illness Trends after Hurricane Sandy

Analysis of Healthcare Seeking Behavior

Impact of Demographics on Healthcare Utilization

Patterns of Care in Michigan Emergency Departments as Insurance Coverage Expands

Syndrome Development, Natural Language Processing and Data Quality

Classifying Supporting Refuting or Uncertain Evidence for Pneumonia Case Review

Identifying Emerging Novel Outbreaks in Textual Emergency Department Data

Comparison of Three Critical Syndrome Classifications:Louisiana vs. BioSense