2015 Award for Outstanding Research Articles in Biosurveillance – International Society for Disease Surveillance


First Place: Reich N, Cummings D, Lauer S, Zorn M, Robinson C, Nyquist A, Price C, Simberkoff M, Radonovich L, Perl T. Triggering Interventions for Influenza: The ALERT Algorithm. Clinical Infectious Disease. 2015; 60(4):499-504

Second Place:  Hilborn ED, Beasley VR. One Health and Cyanobacteria in Freshwater Systems: Animal Illnesses and Deaths Are Sentinel Events for Human Health Risks. Toxins. 2015; 7(4):1374-1395.

Scientific Acheivement:

First Place: Thumbi SM, Nienga MK, Marsh TL, Noh S, Otiang E, Munyua P, Ochieng L, Ogola E, Yoder J, Audi A, Montgomery JM, Bigogo G, Breiman RF, Palmer GH, McElwain TF. Linking human health and livestock health: a “one-health” platform for integrated analysis of human health, livestock health, and economic welfare in livestock dependent communities. PLoS One. 2015; 10(3)

Second Place: Chan T, Teng Y, Hwang J. Detection of Influenza-like illness aberations by directly monitoring Pearson residuals of fitted negative binomial regression models. BMC Public Health. 2015; 16(158)


Eligibility: All nominated articles related to biosurveillance or of interest to the ISDS Research Committee, published in May 2014 through April 2015. Early publication articles (e.g., online only) were eligible.Judging criteria1. Impact on field of biosurveillance

  • Potential to change the way that surveillance is practiced
  • Potential to attract scientists from other disciplines
  • Educational value to a broader audience

2. Scientific achievement

  • Innovation of methodology or application
  • Rigor of methods
  • Quality of scientific writing

First and second awards are presented for the ‘Impact on field of biosurveillance’ and ‘Scientific achievement’ categories. The awards are offered to the corresponding author, who may defer the award to another co-author of their choice. Prizes:

First prize: Invitation to present at the 2015 ISDS Conference; Free 2015 ISDS Conference Registration; and  Free 1 Year ISDS Membership

Second prize: Invitation to present a featured webinar; 50% off 2015 ISDS Conference Registration; Free 1 year ISDS Membership