2012 Data Visualization Event | International Society for Disease Surveillance


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Do you want to participate in the ISDS Conference? Work with a new and unique dataset? Show off your visualization skills?

The ISDS 2012 Data Visualization Event will enable conference attendees to gain knowledge of visualization tools and techniques applied to a rich, de-identified set of ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) data from Practice Fusion, a free, web-based EHR vendor. These are not your typical syndromic surveillance data; there are no free text data, the most specific timeframe is year, and the most specific geographic location is state. What these data do include, however, are allergies, conditions, diagnoses, immunizations, lab orders and results, medications, patient demographics, smoking status and vital signs. In partnership with Kaggle, Practice Fusion released these 10,000 de-identified, HIPAA-compliant medical records to spur innovation into new uses of clinical data to improve public health and patient care.

ISDS Visualization Event Details

  1. The Practice Fusion data are available at https://www.kaggle.com/c/pf2012. Kaggle is hosting the dataset as part of a separate challenge organized by Practice Fusion and Kaggle called Analyze This!. We have received permission to use these data as part of the ISDS Conference.
  2. Use the data to develop visualizations of ambulatory EHR data for chronic disease surveillance. While these data have additional uses outside of chronic disease surveillance, we are focusing on one public health area to encourage more effective comparisons among visualization techniques.
  3. Using visualization tools accessible to public health agencies is strongly encouraged, i.e. open source or commonly used software, e.g. SAS, Excel, or R. The primary goals of this exercise are to:
    • Demonstrate and share visualization tools and techniques at the ISDS conference that attendees can use on their own data.
    • Expose ISDS conference attendees to data elements available in ambulatory EHR systems so that they can identify potential uses of these data within their own jurisdictions.
  4. The Practice Fusion dataset may be combined with one or more datasets from www.data.gov, as long as the focus is on chronic disease surveillance.
  5. Submitters will have an opportunity to share their work during the ISDS Conference, either during the system showcase demonstrations scheduled to take place during the poster session on December 4th or in a dedicated time slot (depending on the number of submissions).

Additional Participation Requirements and Expectations

  1. Participation in the Data Visualization Event requires ISDS conference registration.
  2. To download the data you must agree to the end user license agreement /competition rules set forth by Practice Fusion (https://www.kaggle.com/c/pf2012/details/rules).
  3. Any code or programs developed as part of this event should be shared with conference attendees. Participants will work with ISDS staff to facilitate that effort.
  4. Practice Fusion is interested in establishing partnerships with jurisdictions that would like to explore using their data for public health surveillance. Email [email protected] for more information. These data would be broader than the dataset used for this event.
  5. Use of the Practice Fusion dataset for the ISDS Data Visualization Event does not constitute an endorsement by ISDS for any of Practice Fusion’s products and/or services.

Registration Information

To sign up for the ISDS Data Visualization Event, please complete this registration form (Google Form) by September 27, 2012. The form includes:

  • Primary contact name
  • Primary contact affiliation
  • Primary contact e-mail address
  • Primary contact phone number
  • If working with others, specify names and affiliations
  • Tools used
  • Disease area(s) of focus
  • Brief description of visualization

If you have any issues accessing the form, please contact Tera Reynolds.

You will not be expected to submit your finished product(s) ahead of the conference.