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The International Society for Disease Surveillance represents professionals from all aspects of the surveillance community. ISDS membership is open to epidemiologists, informaticists, public health practitioners, health care providers, statisticians, and others who are interested in exploring and addressing population health monitoring across institutional and professional boundaries. See the ISDS Membership Policy for more details.

Join or Renew

Annual Dues:  Regular member $50, student member $30

Low-income and Lower-middle-income Country Membership

The ISDS Board of Directors approved a proposal in June 2013 to provide a mechanism for new and renewing members from low-income and lower-middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank, to apply to receive a 1-year ISDS membership at no cost. This membership option has been approved by the ISDS Board of Directors for continuation in 2014.

To apply for this membership option, please complete this form.

Member Benefits

As a member of ISDS, you strengthen the Society’s ability to:

  • Give voice to the priorities and practices of the surveillance community
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer networking through communities of practice
  • Foster innovations in surveillance research and practice
  • Provide support and technical expertise
  • Serve as an up-to-date informational resource on disease surveillance
  • Build workforce competencies through education and training in surveillance
  • Convene the ISDS Annual Conference and publish abstracts

In addition, members benefit from:

  • Discounted conference rates
  • Subscription to the ISDS monthly e-newsletter
  • Discounted publication rates in the Emerging Health Threats Journal
  • Ability to post announcements on
  • Voting and nomination privileges in ISDS Board elections
  • Ability to run for and hold positions on the ISDS Board
  • Building a network of colleagues
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities

Member Feedback

  • “ISDS provides me with a link to the greater surveillance world and national organizations that would otherwise be missing. The focused nature of ISDS allows us to spend the time needed on important aspects of electronic public health.”
  •  “I think of ISDS as the first resource to use when I am trying to find someone else in the country who may be doing work similar to our department and I need to brainstorm with that person. ISDS seems to be ‘in the know’ of who is doing what work. This saves time trying to locate other public health professionals on my own. The annual conference organized by ISDS is the best opportunity to share new ideas with other jurisdictions.”
  • “ISDS provides opportunities to identify and connect with a wide variety of surveillance professionals.”
  • “I value the responsiveness of the professionals at ISDS — the fact that when I have a question and am not sure who to ask I can always go to ISDS for help. Additionally, I find the Meaningful Use and BioSense meetings incredibly useful for understanding how other jurisdictions are handling issues that are new to me.” 
  • “Having ISDS facilitate interaction has helped me to better understand infectious disease surveillance, particularly syndromic surveillance, and has allowed me to develop my understanding of surveillance principles that I use on the job. I also look to ISDS as a resource for guidance on national topics, particularly Meaningful Use, and how it affects my work in public health.”
  • “With Meaningful Use and BioSense 2.0, it has been essential to have ISDS to bring together the community of practitioners…ISDS is my go to resource for questions about Meaningful Use and they actively investigate and respond to inquiries.”

Am I an ISDS Member?

Your membership registration is valid for one year. If you are unsure about your membership status, please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Additional Membership Information

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